SPCA in Uitenhage urgently needs help

The Uitenhage SPCA does not get funding from government, and relies on the generosity and support of animal-loving members of the public.

We are responsible for our own funding to be able to meet our mandate in taking care of the metro’s many unwanted, stray and injured animals.

As the new year dawns we find ourselves again in a desperate financial situation. Luckily all our food is donated by the animal-loving public (thank you), so all our cats, dogs, donkeys and goats are being fed as normal.

However there are other running costs which cannot be ignored – such as staff wages, telephone bills, electricity, insurance and petrol (we service an area of more than 400km²). The biggest expenditure we have is our vet bills.

We do not have our own vet and therefore have to outsource this service to our local vets. Adoption fees go towards the cats’ and dogs’ sterilisation costs at the vets, but we need to pay for all the medication and treatments.

In December we took in many many dogs and cats. Some had been run over, some had been abandoned, some were unwanted – they all desperately needed us to assist them.

We know that some people might be hesitant to make a financial donation. As we believe in complete transparency, we would humbly suggest that, should you wish to make a financial donation, that you can make it straight towards our vet bills.

If you, your family or business, could find it in your hearts to assist us, we would be incredibly grateful. Accounts details are: Uitenhage vet – account name: Uitenhage Animal Clinic, bank: Nedbank, branch code: 126317, account no: 1263046592, reference: SPCA; Despatch vet – account name: Bestmade 152 cc, bank: Nedbank, branch code: 198765, account no: 1263108938, reference: SPCA.

Please send us proof of payment so we can not only say thank you but also to keep a record. You can SMS 083-415-5181, fax 088-041-586-1236 or e-mail info@uitenhagespca.co.za.

There are other ways to help: by supporting our twice monthly jumble sale on Sundays, SMSing “spca” to 38966 at a cost of R10 per SMS or “spca” to 40741 at a cost of R20 per SMS, sponsoring one of 87 kennels at R300 a month each or donate in lieu of a present for an animal lover on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, an anniversary, Christmas or a birthday.

Should you have queries, please contact Deirdre Swift on 083-415-5181.

-Tiffany Dicken, SPCA, Uitenhage, tel (041) 922-4528 or 992-3016.

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  • January 23, 2015 at 10:52 am

    Thank you to the Herald for printing this letter. We are hoping for alot of exposure and to let the public know more about what tasks the SPCA performs. Thanks again!


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