Let’s have a Herald filled with good news

 Am not a great newspaper person, but from time to time I do happen upon the paper or even get the urge to buy one, as I did last week.

I quickly realised why I don’t ever buy the paper – the headline was about an alleged paedophile and on further perusal there was just murder, rape, mayhem.

I understand that journalism has an obligation to bring these stories to the attention of our citizens.

However, I would like to put a challenge to The Herald, where for one day a year or month, you publish only good news.

You could entitle it The Herald – Good news Edition under the banner of “Spread the good news initiative”.

Not only will this astound your readers but it may spark a nationwide initiative of the same name and nature.

So go on, spread some good news, Herald!

-Shauna-Rae Rozentals, Port Elizabeth


Thanks for the challenge. While we can’t pretend that “hor rors” don’t happen, we do strive to balance this with inspiring stories from our community. A day in our city when only good news happens will be the day we produce a good news paper.

– The editor

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