Bay public not warned about work on road

Can anyone inform me why the municipality started roadworks on Cape Road the week that schools opened?’

There is no visible traffic policing at the main intersections to Cape Road, there are no clear road signs indicating alternate routes or diversions and I am not aware of any published schedules of roadworks to the public!

This shows very poor planning and scheduling by the authorities of the department of roads. All this is a safety hazard to all people and an inconvenience for all citizens.

The work must be done, but surely the timing is wrong and the safety precautions are inadequate.

I tried to contact the acting director of roads and public works – no success!

I tried to speak to the safety and security executive director – no success!

I phoned the traffic department – no answer!

Eventually I got hold of a secretary (who will stay anonymous). This person informed me the work was being done by a contractor, “City Engineers”, and that it would be finished by end of yesterday with Cape Road.

This leads to my next concern: what will the quality be of this new bitumen surface on Cape Road? Most of us in the road-building profession knows that to do this type of re-surfacing of a bitumen road needs a lot more preparation, and quality control and assurance.

Who is taking the responsibility for this work? I hope someone can provide me with some feedback as it is impossible to reach anyone concerned with this work at the municipality.

-Hendrik Meiring, Port Elizabeth

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