Neglected Despatch again without water supply

This past weekend was another extremely hot and dry one for the residents of the Despatch area.

Since my election as councillor in 2011 we have not had one whole week with continuous water supply. It has become evident that the municipality, with its current administration in opposition to the one in Despatch, has chosen to let this state of affairs continue.

When water supply problems occur in other areas the teams from Uitenhage plumbing depot are quickly summoned to assist, but this is not the case when Despatch is the one with the problem. The lack of staff, poor support from the “municipal red tape” office and lack of vehicles are the hackneyed excuses.

Despatch people have now become accustomed to the water supply interruptions, but it still does not mean they appreciate it. The poor areas are affected worse than others as they do not have the luxury of containers to store water in nor do they have the means to buy water to drink.

They also do not have swimming pools to drain water from to flush toilets and to use for bathing. Clinics and old ages homes, not to mention schools, are also among those worst affected!

Whoever the mayor of the metro is this week, please note that the residents of Despatch are fed up with your administration’s perceived deliberate stifling of delivery in Despatch. Even with your so-called director of the mayor’s office (an illegal appointment) this issue persists and we have had enough.

The DA will take over government next year when voters repay you and your party’s lethargic and corrupt modus operandi, but in the meantime expect a lot of crosswinds from us. We will not tolerate this any longer.

We demand urgent attention to the water supply problem in Despatch and a sub-council to manage our own affairs.

Francois Greyling, DA councillor for Ward 52, Despatch


One thought on “Neglected Despatch again without water supply

  • January 22, 2015 at 10:44 am

    I can’t wait for the day that the Democratic Alliance take Nelson Mandela Bay in 2016!!!! Recently I went to the Western Cape and was stopped by a traffic officer near Mossel Bay! I wanted to hug the traffic cop because he was doing his job that he is paid to do! In Port Elizabeth traffic cops are never seen except at fast food outlets or shopping at Greenacres! Come on Madam Zille TAKE THIS TOWN!!!!


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