SA mail mess unacceptable

An important document was posted in Brisbane on September 9 last year and arrived in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday January 13!

We know of the postal strikes, but who can run a country without adequate postal services? Mercifully, it seems someone is sorting out the mess.

If after one week, the minister responsible for postal services had not cleared up the problems in his/her department, the offenders should have been sacked and the army brought in to solve the problems and run the show. The disgraceful situation in the sorting and delivery offices is not acceptable in any developed country. When I worked briefly in London, we had three deliveries of post each working day!

Do our inadequate leaders in an essential service think that such “service delivery” is acceptable to us citizens? They had better watch out in forthcoming elections. Jacob Zuma can say what he likes in Cape Town, but none of us believe him, and now demand accountability from him and his government.

– Rob Roy, Port Elizabeth

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