Municipal cleanup impressive

In view of the huge amount of criticism our municipality has to endure, I thought it only fair to relate my experience over New Year. My eight-year-old grandson from Gauteng very badly wanted to go to the beach on January 1.

Knowing that it always is very busy on that day, I suggested we wait until half past five as I thought a lot of the people may have already headed home by then. How wrong I was because I have never seen so many people in my life, all enjoying themselves but packed from S-bend to beyond the beacon.

The mess in the form of rubbish, packets, bottles and plastic was unbelievable – very few bins and certainly no law and order, but as I have said, all were having a ball.

At half past six the next morning grandpa had to trek Sam to Hobie Beach for a swim again. I could not believe my eyes – 95% of the rubbish had been cleared up, the whole beach had been raked, there were dirt trucks and filled rubbish bags everywhere.

I pointed out to my family that this would never have happened in Joburg!

Well done our cleansing department, you made me proud to be a Port Elizabethan.

-Ross Kobus, Port Elizabeth

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