How do we make up lost revenue?

Congratulations to the Jeffreys Bay municipality for a very effective power failure on December 27, 28 and 29 last year. In the six years I have been in Jeffreys Bay it was “the best” we’ve had.

As a coffee shop/restaurant owner my December electricity account was almost R500 less than November, a huge saving that I must thank you for. The cats in the underground parking also benefitted – some of the fish was suspect so they got it.

As a lot of holidaymakers left earlier due to the frustrations that are coupled with no electricity, there was a lot more parking and queues at supermarkets were not so long. My wife and I were even able to go and have lunch on the Saturday at a restaurant that had a standby generator, something we rarely, if ever, do.

Do you have anything planned for Easter? A nice long weekend without power would really show the public just how much muscle you have.

I have a cousin who sells generators and he couldn’t keep up with demand, so I know he would be happy if you repeated your power cut sometime this year.

Seriously though, how do we ever make up for business we lost? Are you really sorry for what happened?

If yes, can I claim some of my losses from you?

-Steve Crous, Wild Olive, Jeffreys Bay

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