Judge ANC on its track record in government


Political parties that break away from the ANC never last because “the ancestors have turned their backs on them”, says President Jacob Zuma. He was speaking at a mini rally in Khayelitsha, Cape Town to celebrate the ANC’s 103rd birthday.

Speaking in Xhosa, he gave the crowd of a few thousand a history lesson before repeating the claim that the ANC would rule until Jesus returned. In response: Our dear president’s speech can’t help make one think of history repeating itself, mixed with arrogance and intimidation. Zuma seems to have each foot in a different religion, by cross-referencing the return of Jesus Christ and ancestral worship in his speech.

What is his real belief system, or is he just abusing both for his own ends?

There once was a leader of a nation who believed the Third Reich would rule for 1 000 years. If Zuma truly believes in the second coming of Jesus, who is the author of a monotheistic God faith, how can he refer to ancestral disapproval?

He must be experiencing a crisis of faith. Is he just tapping into a voter base of perceived superstitious followers in an attempt to name and shame them for having developed a reasonable logic that the ANC has drifted from its calling which led to them forming other parties?

This is the natural evolution in political growth for voters to measure the performance of the ruling party. His style of politicking is nothing short of intimidation and he should be taken to task on the matter.

If Zuma is correct that the ANC will rule until Jesus returns, then he has been elevated to the rank of prophet, or is announcing a “dictatorship”, and I believe we all need to prepare for Jesus’s return anyway. Has Zuma prepared?

Winston Churchill was once asked if he was ready to meet his maker.

He replied: “I am ready to meet my maker. Whether my maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.”

I hope Zuma is ready to answer to Jesus for his alleged corruption as he seems to dodge the local legislators.

Dear Mr Zuma, the bunkers at Nkandla will not help you when he returns. You will not be able to hide, so be careful what you say, Jesus may be returning sooner than you think.

To the voters who can think for themselves, please do. If the ruling party is not delivering after 20 years of practice, how can you trust it on what the ancestors are saying?

Zuma is just trying to rattle your mind, use your intelligence from education (hopefully you all passed matric) and common sense reason. A party being in power does not always mean it is doing the job right, it is just in power.

Judge the track record for yourself, do not allow yourself to be intimidated.

An ANC making false promises may have made a few comrades turn in their graves. There are countries that were rebuilt after World War 2 in a shorter time than the destruction that has been permitted in this once fantastic country under ANC rule.

Do not be influenced by one who speaks with a snake-like tongue. Get your party ready for next year’s elections.

– Rego Burger, Port Elizabeth 

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