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Municipalities must save electricity too.

The government and Eskom keep telling business and the public to save electricity, but if you ride around the suburbs of Port Elizabeth you see street lights that have been burning day and night for months. Let’s look at the bigger picture. If we look around SA as a whole, how many will we find? Why don’t the municipalities do something about it and save electricity?



To whom do we report criminal police?

Happy  to see prostitution “still” illegal in SA, but what exactly does this mean if the police, who are supposed be law and order examples and fight crime, are the main criminals? Imagine being taken off the street for wrongdoing, just to be raped and robbed by those who are being paid to protect and set an example? To whom does one report the police to when they themselves are responsible for doing crime? I think This is something we would all like to know.



Concentrate on problems at home. 

The ANC regime is spending billions using our “defence force” defending and propping up corrupt African regimes, and at home, we can’t keep the lights on and the economy stable. “Glory boy” Jacob Zuma once again wrecks his own economy to save a chommie’s one. More candles anyone?



Bafana must finish in top four in cup. 

I do not expect Bafana Bafana to win the African Nations Cup. What I do expect is for us to finish in the top four. That’s where we belong permanently.

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