Appoint competent staff to save metro

Two articles in The Herald on Monday January 5 made for interesting reading. Patrick Cull writes about some of the “baggage from last year”.

The so-called “baggage” he mentions are some of the more important factors. If he were to enumerate all the carry-overs from last year and previous years, he would require several pages of The Herald to do so.

Then under the heading, “Build on the Bay’s critical assets”, Lutho Nduvane says: “Since the advent of democracy, the city body politic has degenerated to its lowest levels”.

I can only agree with that and with some of the other points he mentioned.

It is not democratic for the ANC government to foist cadre members onto municipalities as mayors and municipal managers who are utterly and completely incompetent and untrained!

These people then in turn appoint another host of incompetents to feed off the gravy train.

This then creates “green pastures” for so-called experts and consultants to be brought in as “advisers”, all of this at great expense to the ratepayers.

The letter written by Angus Fraser, ex-deputy city engineer, indicates how the city engineering department should function and did function for many years (“No system for Bay infrastructure work”, also January 5). This was achieved by the appointment on merit of a qualified, competent personnel and every department worked on the same principle.

Any person who was not capable of doing his or her job was asked to leave or was fired. If memory serves me correctly, the mayor only received an honorarium – not like the exorbitant salaries paid to the present mayor, municipal manager and other staff!

The only way to overcome these woes is to go back to basics. Appoint all staff on merit and qualifications.

The leadership corps should have vision, be able to be decisive, have communication skills, and have the NMBM and all its people at heart. As Nduvane mentions, the NMBM has great potential just waiting to be developed.

Subsidies and handouts to the poor and needy should be seen as the last resort. When people are in need, do not give them fish, rather give them the hooks, sinkers and line, and teach them to catch their own fish. This is called sustainable development.

This is very easy to say, but it is the people of NMBM who must be willing to stand together, from the top businessmen to the poorest of the poor, and tell the ANC government what it is they want and need to get the metro back on track!

– Morrice Lavin , Alexandria 

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