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Let Spencer get on with the job

“Kings eye top-rated WP coach”: good and well, but there is an old saying that a coach is only as good as the players he is given, or should I say that any couch can coach a good side. Do the Kings really need so many coaching staff? Let Carlos Spencer get on with his job or is he on this way out? Would not surprise me.

– A Myburg, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth


Thanks for acknowledging teachers

As a teacher from the northern areas I think little of Edmund van Vuuren, but allow me to thank him for acknowledging how under difficult circumstances we still preserve.

– Teacher


A Channel for funds to ANC

“Metro’s splurge on T-shirts and flyers”: does the whole involvement of StratComm not sound like a channel to funnel public funds via ANC funder Fareed Fakir to the ruling party? It just seems too coincidental that fakir benefits from the IPTS deal and is the ANC funder at the same time!

– L E G


Newbies’ pay same rates to use gym

WOW shame, regulars upset by newbies joining gyms!  For your information They also pay to be there so if gym owners don’t want their money they should advertise: “No newbies allowed”. What arrogance! No wonder our world is so messed up. People should learn to tolerate others.

– Lisa Hope, George


Who Derives pleasure from circuses? 

WHAT kind of people derive pleasure from watching terrified animals perform unnatural acts in response to a cracking whip, that with their hearing must be louder than a gunshot? Would these people attend dogfights if they  were legalized legalised?

– Crazy Horse





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