No drop in prices of goods

THE fuel price has dropped by an astronomical figure. Very welcome to all who use fuel.

There have been three price decreases in a short space of time. What really amazes me, and the general public at large, is when we have a price hike in fuel, everything else also hikes (increases) and when we, the people in the street, complain, the first thing put before you is the price increase in fuel.

These shop owners know just to rip people off. When the fuel price drops, they do not drop their prices which they have increased, based on the last fuel increase.

Let’s take potatoes, for example. All these fast food outlets, and names I can mention, will increase their slap chips prices based on two issues, the availability of potatoes and market prices, and the fuel prices.

But when the potatoes are in abundance again and much cheaper or the fuel prices drop, they do not adjust their prices and this survey I quietly have done myself. Where are the days when we had “control boards”, such as produce price control boards and rent control boards?

Maybe they are still there and under another name because that is all that is very active and properly done in this country, name changes. If these exist (new name or not), then they are not executing their duties properly.

I would want to bet or challenge anyone that should the fuel price rise, those same foodstuffs will again be adjusted upwards. We have all the “nets”, such as Portnet, Transnet, M-Net and internet – now this one will fall under “watchnet”.

-Noel Julius, Port Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “No drop in prices of goods

  • January 14, 2015 at 8:19 am

    Imported goods will increase in cost as a result of the Zumafication of our currency. Take into account also the fact that salary increases and the general cost of doing business can only be recovered by price increases.

  • January 12, 2015 at 10:52 am

    The price of fuel has only just happened a few days ago! How can prices be expected to fall so quickly?


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