Build hall for grant payments

WITH reference to “Grant recipients must wait in the sun” (January 6), councillor Marion Harning’s suggestion is that Pick n Pay should allow the people to queue inside the store. Really? Is this the long term solution for “our people”?

Why make your problem Pick n Pay’s problem and I have no doubt if it does not accommodate your “appeal”, it will be perceived to be baddies in this situation? If it was my store I would also not allow that.

The councillor goes on to play on the public’s sympathy by stating: “I appeal to the family store to solve this situation humanely”. Oh please, councillor! Do you call that humane?

Which ablutions are these poor people supposed to use? The fact that they would spend some of their money at Pick n Pay is purely a matter of convenience as they could trudge across the road, spending more of their remaining energy, to Checkers.

Why is it that this government has millions to spend and if it has not budgeted for such an expense, be sure it will find it somewhere. Now it has a situation where such money could be wisely spent on building facilities in the townships, close to where the people live, to facilitate this monthly event.

It need not be a fancy building, but merely an industrial type hall (steel frame with brick and mortar walls) structure with ablution facilities, seating, etc, where these people could queue in comfort and safety. Of course proper security in the form of safes to keep the huge sums of money that is distributed would be required but this can easily be incorporated in the building.

A building of this nature will not cost millions if given to a proper contractor. This would be a long term plan and not like depending on public enterprise to take responsibility for its (ANC’s) failure to serve “our people”.

George van der Merwe, South End, Port Elizabeth

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