Use power of vote

THINGS in South Africa have indeed changed in the last 20 years, but we still have a long way to go. The problem isn’t money, because if you take into account that the government has spent millions on takeaways, I don’t see any money problems.

Corruption is a big problem, if not the biggest, and it’s not a new problem. The other problem is accountability and most would agree there isn’t any in South Africa.

What is the solution? In my opinion it should be to take the law into your own hands, but seeing as we can’t do that, it is to use your vote wisely!

Stop voting for a black man because you are black or a white man because you are white. Things will never change in this country as long as the ANC is in control. The ANC must either change its ways or step down and let this country prosper.

Rudi van der Bank, Algoa Park, Port Elizabeth 

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