Unfair to mention party in story

AS the programme manager at Maranatha Streetworkers Trust, I was fortunate enough to accompany children from our Child and Youth Care Centre to a wonderful function celebrating the first birthday of Roland and Shahnaz Williams’s daughter, Isla.

It was so generous of them to involve the Maranatha children in this event.

The children have such wonderful memories from what was a beautiful day, as was previously reported in The Herald (“Birthday wishes”, December 17).

I just wanted to comment on the article, “Battle over spa complex grows” (December 23).

While I can sympathise with residents who have legitimate complaints, I did feel it was unfair to include this birthday party in the article. The music played was Disney themed and mostly from the Frozen soundtrack with a “fairytale” musical performance included in the entertainment.

This was also a lunchtime function and it appeared to me any “excess” noise was coming from the children thoroughly enjoying their playtime outside!

I want to extend my sincerest gratitude once again to Roland and Shahnaz Williams. The hospitality we received was simply beautiful and the way they welcomed the children from Maranatha to be part of this event was very special indeed.

Harrison Nash, programme manager, Maranatha Streetworkers Trust

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