Repetitive festive season fare on TV

I AM not a fanatical TV viewer, but come on SABC, DStv, or whoever, thanks for nothing! Absolutely no effort was made to keep paying viewers entertained over the festive season!

Nothing, zilch, zero. Same old, same old and repeat after repeat. To name but a few, X-Factor UK, The Doctors, The Cube and Top Gear.

Top Gear, I notice, is all of a sudden on various channels and shows the guys at different ages! Wow, thanks for that!

Not to mention Who Wants to be a Millionaire – do the powers that be realise that this programme is still stuck in 2001? This makes me wonder what is happening to the millions paid every year for TV licences and the R665 per month per DStv viewer?

Do the maths? It’s a total rip-off!

Just a thought: would it not be beneficial for DStv to reduce its cost to pensioners? Many that I know, myself included, will have to cancel our subscriptions due to the present state of our economy.

Would R400 per month not be a better deal than losing thousands of customers?

A reader commented that the best programmes were on too late at night. Heed that, even some young people with children need to get an early night, they lead busy and hectic lives. Who are you then catering for – the insomniac?

If anyone is interested or knows who Lola is, the programme, My Heart Beats for Lola, was on no less than five times on channel 118 on December 31! Also a couple of good live Robbie Williams shows at 12.05am – enjoy!

Sandy Lavin, Alexandria

One thought on “Repetitive festive season fare on TV

  • January 5, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    I agree 100% with this writer! DSTV did NOTHING special for Christmas!!! Just re runs of the same old stuff that we had already seen! The only really good show,” Endeavour” on BBC Entertainment was put on so late!As for S.A.B.C. they were just TERRIBLE!!!They can dream about me paying my TV licence next year! There is NOTHING to watch in the day on SABC3 for white people!It’s time they gave that boring Noeleen the boot! She is no Oprah!


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