Madiba would be turning in grave at chaos

COUNCILLORS, government officials and top brass get just about everything free – now I read phones too.

Why the hell do they get such huge salaries? They have parties and spend millions of rands that could feed, house and educate millions and millions of families.

No wonder there’s no money for the poor or the aged. Our clinics, hospitals, roads, housing, just about everything is in such a bad shape. This is absolutely disgusting that they get everyone else’s hard- earned tax money to waste.

Taxes are paid to improve our country and people.

I’ve seen them splurge on expensive meals, paying over R3000 for booze alone, I wonder if they keep the slips and claim for this too. We see their weddings in magazines, on TV. Nothing is spared.

Those two boys who did what officials are not doing … (unblocking a drain) and then the spokesman has the same old story: “Not sure about facts.” Your staff aren’t doing their bloody jobs. Fighting in the National Assembly – what a disgrace. What must the world think of our country?

Nothing has been done to these idiots that run our country into the ground. Laws? What laws? Ride through red robots, stop to offload wherever they like. Overtake and cause deaths. South Africa is becoming Zimbabwe.

Eish! All taxpayers can’t be jailed. We should all stand together and withhold our cash until there is a big change.

DA, do something quickly before it’s really too late.

Ashamed of this country and its government, Madiba is turning in his grave.

Lynne Vorster, Newton Park

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