From the frying pan into fire of human kindness

A FEW weeks ago we had a devastating fire at our house: while we may have lost a lot, our faith in humanity was restored through the caring actions of our neighbours, and even complete strangers who stopped to offer assistance.

People who did not know us offered to open up their homes for showers, lunches, or anything we might need.

That faith in humanity was further restored when disaster struck again, at 11.30pm on Christmas night.

What was left of our house was broken into by two men who scaled the wall and tried to gain access through an undamaged window.

Once again, our neighbours came to our immediate assistance and one of the perpetrators was caught and handed over to the police who were also amazing, arriving promptly and dealing with the situation both professionally and courteously.

Hopefully, these are the same ne’er-do-wells who have been targeting the Walmer area recently. One is where he belongs, behind bars and facing a court appearance.

Perhaps our unfortunate experience may benefit others who were possibly the next targets. Thanks again to all concerned.

Grateful family, Villiers Road, Walmer

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