Azania’s time will come – but not in year ahead

WE are indeed a nation that likes complaining about the failures of the ANC-led government and poor service delivery on a daily basis.

Yet we appear to be very indecisive each time a golden opportunity is presented to us to unseat the ANC-led government at local, provincial and national levels.

For me 2014 was no different from all the previous voting patterns since the dawn of democracy.

The only people who seem to be benefiting are predominantly middle class and those in political positions nationally, provincially or locally, and their associates. The vulnerable and poor majority’s daily lives have not significantly changed.

I hope we will experience a different South Africa some day – but certainly not in 2015.

As we always say in Azapo: Azania shall one day prevail and we shall all enjoy freedom in a normal society.

Lesego Mogotsii, Mafikeng

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