Snarl-up over SARS returns

I AM due a substantial refund after submitting my 2014 income tax return as a result of a huge amount of medical expenses.

For every inquiry to the call centre there is a fresh response: submit proof of medical expenses, return is under review, it takes 21 working days to complete review, it takes 30 working days for a refund to be done, your file has been sent for audit…and the latest response – an audit takes three to 12 months !!!!

You cannot speak to any person other than a different call centre operator. There is no fax number or e-mail address that elicits a response and as a result of ill health I am unable to queue for hours and hours only for another excuse.

All I want is a refund of my taxes which have been over-deducted. And every second person you speak to has the same problem. You have to pay on time – but refunds take forever. WHY??

Joan Shinn

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