Majority oppose boycott, data shows

FOLLOWING the brouhaha surrounding the misguided BDS campaign directed against Woolworths I decided to follow the proceedings of the Woolworths AGM in Cape Town on News24 to ascertain the extent to which public opinion was being swayed by the insistence of boycott, disinvestment and sanctions (BDS) shareholders to cut all ties with Israel.

I directed my attention towards the number of messages being posted, together with their respective “like” or “dislike” responses.

I categorised these responses into two groups: those that were anti-BDS in nature (those which approved the sale of Israeli goods), and those that were pro-BDS in nature (those that rejected it). I tallied and calculated the total for each type, yielding a sample size in excess of 30700 responses. The results were staggering, to say the least: 95.08% were against the boycott of Israeli goods and 4.94% approved of it.

The conclusion we can confidently draw is that the overwhelming majority of the public do not support the boycott of Israeli goods.

This removes all doubt with regards to the wishes of the average Woolies shopper.

My figures are available to anyone wishing to examine them while a simple examination of the webpage Retail/LIVE-Will-boycottwoolworths- come-to-Woolworths-AGM-20141126 will enable anyone else to undertake the same exercise.

Neville Kahn
Sandringham, Johannesburg

One thought on “Majority oppose boycott, data shows

  • December 27, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    Boycotting goods sold in Woolworth’s will not do anything to help the Palestinian people! I won’t buy anything from Woolworth’s and cancelled my Woolworth’s card for another more valid reason! Most of the people shopping in Woolworth’s are white yet white people are not allowed to work in Woolworth’s! Woolworth’s is a business with zero principles! They employed whites during apartheid and will not employ whites now because of Affirmative Action! Woolworth’s only care about one thing PROFIT! Don’t use their shops!


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