SABC qualifies as a hooligan

MY wife has been receiving a SABC TV licence account for the past how many years she cannot tell. The latest account is for an amount of R 6638.90 for an outstanding TV licence payment.

This man who the account is addressed to died some years back. Every time my wife receives this account we send it back to the SABC telling them he is dead.

The last time we received this account she sent it back with the comment: “I suggest that you contact God as he is dead”. Yet again we have received the account.

I guess the literacy level of the SABC must be very low as even the ex-chief executive does not have a degree and she may not even have a matric. Heaven only knows what the academic qualifications of the person is who sits at the postal desk that receives the returned mail as he or she obviously cannot read.

This must surely qualify the SABC for the “hooligan of the day” in your editorial section.

John Finlayson, Port Elizabeth

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