Bay high accident zone needs urgent attention

BUSY ROAD: Busy Uitenhage Road near the Dora Nginza Hospital has been the scene of many crashes, according to residents.
BUSY ROAD: Busy Uitenhage Road near the Dora Nginza Hospital has been the scene of many crashes, according to residents.

WE as a community of Zwide (Ward 25), along with Missionvale residents, are deeply concerned about the continuous accidents that happen in Uitenhage Road, at the back of Dora Nginza Hospital just where the hospitals yard ends and opposite the shacks of Rolihlahla just before reaching Khwezi Lomso Comprehensive School.

I have lived there my entire life and terrible accidents have been happening since I was a child.

A month does not pass without a terrible occurrence in that specific zone. Cars speed day and night, and people crossing there are becoming victims of screaming wheels.

That part of the road has become a high accident zone. A man died terribly while riding his motorbike there, two years back a man in his early 30s lost both his legs there and last year a woman lost her life due to being hit by a speeding car.

Earlier this year a woman with her partner, crossing there at midday, were smashed into by a motorbike. The woman was badly injured and the man died on the scene. On September 3, a man was hit by a car while crossing the busy road and is fighting for his life in Dora Nginza Hospital.

This is a very busy road with countless buses, trucks, taxi and cars passing and people crossing every minute. Every morning and every afternoon there are many school children crossing the road from Missionvale to Loyiso High School, Ntyatyambo Primary School and Sakhisizwe High School in Zwide.

The traffic department has been assisting for years in making sure that there are traffic officers available there in the mornings and in the evenings. It has even placed yield pedestrian signage crossings 180m away from the accident zone on both lanes, but the number of accidents is mounting.

People are dying and it’s painful because families are losing their loved ones because of recklessness. We as a community have been reporting this and we’ve been crying for so long about this, and it seems that our cries are falling on deaf ears.

We humbly plead and entreat the NMMM to intervene. Even if the municipality can assist us by constructing a bridge on top of the road so that people can cross over, a secured bridge with bars on the sides so that children may not be at risk.

For this we will be forever grateful.

– Jonathan Bravo Swarts, Zwide, Port Elizabeth

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