Born-frees make own decisions

AS we head into this year’s elections, there is much confusion and change in party support. Campaigning is stretching to court cases, banned advertising, food parcels and more to secure votes from South Africans.

With the youth of a country, there is promise for the future but a great task to develop it properly – something which does not seem to be happening. Unfortunately, the youth of today has been influenced greatly by the beliefs of their parents or grandparents.

They recall our history and the horrible things our country’s people have suffered through. They tell of the country being changed by leaders like Nelson Mandela who brought democracy to South Africa, but they do not realise that the ANC of today is not led by the same great minds.

We need to honour our past and own our future. The DA aims for equality for all with fair opportunities for all South Africans.

It wants to achieve equality through creating more jobs, especially for the youth of South Africa, as well as improving the economy and education system, among other things. Although the ANC has fixed up some schools and improved other circumstances, it is still not doing enough.

For example, it is not delivering textbooks to schools, as was again discovered in Limpopo this year. This is something that has been an issue for years and affects the education of the youth directly.

Added to that, it has failed to maintain the student funding scheme, NSFAS, which assisted numerous underprivileged students. It is due to this that many students are now unable to commence or continue their tertiary studies.

The DA has said it will increase the budget for the NSFAS as well as guarantee that every qualifying, matriculated student will receive the opportunity of a tertiary education.

Furthermore, most students are stuck with debt and loans to pay off from university with the exception of a few lucky ones. If the debts are not carried by the students themselves, their parents are stuck with them.

When students graduate from university, there is a dramatic shortage of jobs or internships, leading to a greater struggle to settle debts meant for improving life. Many students struggle for years to find a job due to their lack of experience or the fact that there are no jobs available in certain sectors.

In some cases, a level of corruption wins and under-qualified people get the positions due to various factors. Even if starting a business were possible for others, the red tape would halt the process and ultimately compromise another opportunity.

The DA has noticed these problems facing all people in South Africa and is trying to make a difference. It aims to create real jobs and internships, and encourage the hire of youth.

It aims to fight corruption and improve the general education system to minimise the gap between the upper class and the lower class, and provide more opportunities for all. The youth of South Africa should weigh all their options and vote for a party that is focused on helping them.

They should vote for a party because they believe in its values and policies, not because they were told to.

I will be voting for the DA on May 7 because it is the only party with a plan for my future.

Name supplied, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth

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2 thoughts on “Born-frees make own decisions

  • May 2, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    I think the above letter from a young person is really excellent but sadly the Herald put the caption,”Born Free’s make own decisions”.I am really tired of the,”Born Free” thing.My 26 year old daughter was born in 1988 so I suppose she does n’t matter as she is not a BORN FREE.Everyone wants a better South Africa and the BORN FREE’S are only part of the masses who have had to live in shanties,have been short of clean drinking water,employment and toilets.Please stop using this over used cliche and let’s build a South Africa which is good for everyone not just the A.N.C. bigwigs and Jacob Zuma! VOTE for ANY political party except this one that has taken us nowhere for twenty years!

  • May 2, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    the time has now come for us to not look at the past but to the future when we vot on th 7th May. our beutiful country is in a sad state thanks to the present gouvernment and we need to change that into a possitive, before we have nothing left to rescue. the bornfrees must look at what they want in the futture and not what the elder people experienced in the past. as a country we will never grow if we continoualy look back and hold on to all the negatives. people vote what is right and not what someone else expects of you. every vote the voice of than person and it only takes one vote to make the change possible. be that vote, that voice. Dallas


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