Where’s proof of statement?


ON Wednesday April 9 news reports on SABC and in some newspapers carried a statement by Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande saying “Nkandla is all white peoples’ lies”. This statement warrants a few comments:

Mr Minister, we as educators in the higher education sector of which you are the political head, educate our students in the absolute necessity of not making statements which they cannot support by solid evidence. When they do formulate a hypothesis they are taught how to subject this hypothesis to thorough tests in order to prove or disprove it.

Is your statement subjected to such a scrutiny of facts? If not, you set a bad example to the sector of which you are the political head.

Second, Mr Minister, educators in the higher education sector, like educators in our other educational sectors, are tasked to educate the leaders of tomorrow who will have the task of continuing nation-building in South Africa in a manner which is well articulated in the ideals of the ANC, with whom you and your party are in alliance.

I am sorry to say, but, Mr Minister, you are setting a bad example in your capacity as political head of the sector when you drive a wedge between races in South Africa on matters with no racial basis whatsoever.

Finally, at a personal level, Mr Minister, with your political ideology of central control and central planning, do you not sometimes feel a bit uneasy among a crowd of free thinking academics?

Charles Wait, professor emeritus, department of economics, NMMU

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