Look at our constitution

UCDP president Sipho Mfundisi got it wrong when he said it wanted religious instructions enforced at school, especially Christianity (“UCDP wants religion back in schools”, April 14).

He should look to the right to freedom of religion that is guaranteed in section 15 of the constitution – everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion.

He should also look at section 7 of SA Schools Act and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) article 26(3).

Lange Kasibe, Siskonke High School, KwaNobuhle, Uitenhage

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One thought on “Look at our constitution

  • April 23, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    we should be allowed to practise our religion in schools. this country was based on christian principals and why should we be foreced to give it up. already we have been forced to give up assention day. what next. i realise that there are many people who would love it if we gave up on our beliefs as they do not fir in with how they think this country should be run. you give up on God and there will be consequences. i for one am not willing to deal with those consequences thank you very much.God is far to important in my life to give in on this point.Dallas


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