Zuma must deliver on promises to city

DEAR President Zuma. Thanks for taking a detour from your hectic campaign trail to visit our beloved and beleaguered metro of Nelson Mandela Bay.

We know you have a lot on your shoulders, what with that parliamentary committee expecting answers from you with regard to the public protector’s “Secure in Comfort” report on your homestead in Nkandla.

Mr President, as you might well know as you and your entourage of ministers drove through New Brighton to the Nangoza Jebe Hall, there are many of our fellow citizens who are, to put it bluntly, not living secure in comfort.

In fact, just around the corner from the Nangoza Jebe Hall, where you in your disarming, jocular style assured your cheering audience that you had a good story to tell, there are residents who have closed down the Red Location Museum because they are fed up with living in substandard houses built by your government.

We are pleased that you have corralled your ministers to address our civil society and business concerns about high electricity costs, outages, water losses, corruption and infrastructure backlogs.

We are pleased to hear that you have committed to finding the R300-million to assist with the completion of the Nooitgedacht low-level water scheme.

We are also heartened by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s emphasis on the need for good governance and his assurance that the adverse findings of the Pikoli and Kabuso reports will be dealt with.

Mr President, you said if this visit by you and your ministers did not help turn around the fortunes of our city, it would mean that you are all bewitched.

We are bemused, but we are not a cursing kind of people, Mr President. If this visit does not live up to the commitments you made to business and residents, it will simply mean that you lied to us and are incapable of delivering on your promises.

If you choose to blame that on witchcraft, that would be yet another tall story to tell your wives and children when you sit around that Nkandla pool we paid for.

Yours sincerely, The Herald

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