Leave our money alone

NELSON Mandela Metro, leave our money alone! Have you not taken enough from us over the years?

Now you have the cheek to want to add on a 1% levy to an already overburdened population. You already do not spend the money you have for what it is actually meant for – if you did then the pavements in front of my home would not be a jungle.

We have read in the past how money that belongs to service delivery and other areas has been used for T-shirts and other unnecessary items. Now you want to pay the metro police (that you have known about for ages) with money you once again want from the ratepayers. I do not think so! Do you want a riot on your hands? The people of Port Elizabeth have had enough of the abuse of our funds. It is time to take action against this woeful abuse and misuse of our monies.

People of Port Elizabeth, it is time for us all to stand together regardless of colour or creed and stop this in its tracks once and for all.

Are we going to continue to put up with this rubbish or are we going to fight back?

Dallas Oesterlein, Sydenham, Port Elizabeth

One thought on “Leave our money alone

  • April 9, 2014 at 4:23 am

    Rate payers know all the facts and will vote for a new Municipality but thousands of non rate payers on the voters roll however disgruntled they are will follow the norm and keep the present malfunctioning ANC in power i`m afraid.


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