Only find ‘idiot driving’ in Bay

THERE are idiot drivers in Port Elizabeth. Allow me to elaborate.

When, for example, I am driving in a westerly direction on Cape Road in the right hand lane, drivers who are in a side street waiting for traffic to pass by so that they too can turn into Cape Road in a westerly direction should wait until the vehicles in both lanes have passed by. Alas, there seem to be many idiots who wait only for the left hand lane to be clear before turning into the road.

Now, if I am in the right hand lane and see someone turning into Cape Road in front of me, I am certainly not sure if this driver intends turning into “my” lane, or the left hand lane next to me.

I witnessed this sort of incident a short while ago, along Cape Road, when a driver went from the right hand lane to the left hand lane as he wanted to turn left a little further on. Yup, you guessed it, he ploughed into the impatient idiot who would not wait for all traffic to pass by.

This phenomenon of idiot drivers seems only to occur in PE. I recently returned from a week in Gauteng and never saw this type of impatience once, nor have I seen it on previous trips to Durban and Cape Town.

Gordon Upton, Port Elizabeth

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