Crack down on drug dealers

THE constant news in the papers that our kids are being used as drug mules and exploited as sex slaves in foreign prisons is a real threat to our democracy, if it’s supposed to be government by the people but not by an important few. The disturbing news we read week in and week out about our kids being caught, jailed and some even executed in foreign countries due to drug smuggling must be a concern.

It cannot be a case of amusement when one of them is caught with drugs in her dreads. National security cannot be for a few “important” people but must be for all.

What is obvious is if there are no jobs or occupations to create a livelihood for our citizens, young and old, black or white, we are in trouble. The purveyors of this sordid and illicit trade are going to continue to victimise our kids for their evil purposes.

Our security and intelligence services cannot only be deployed to safeguard a few but the whole citizenry who pay taxes.

The flood of unregulated people from the East, the Horn of Africa and West Africa poses the greatest danger to our democracy and economy. They are taking advantage of the divisions among South African racial groups, but as someone from the townships I am more concerned with our kids from these ghettoes who are gullible and needy.

Pat Kondile, New Brighton ,Port Elizabeth

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