Trips a common business practice

IN recent news (in The Herald), we were exposed to the news of the municipal communications director’s baby’s room, which generated a lot of criticism from parents who happen to be readers of the paper (“Precious little haven”, March 5). I can confidently guarantee that most of them, if not all, have also decorated their babies’ rooms.

To criticise a person based on the fact that he occupies a public office is just unfair.

We were also exposed to the fact that Roland Williams took an “all expenses paid” trip with his wife last week to mingle or one might choose the word to “network” with a service provider (“Roland’s freebie under spotlight”, March 21). I couldn’t understand the substance of the article as such trips or engagements are common practice in today’s business world.

That is unless people are stuck in the era of hunting trips or rugby trips to entertain clients, suppliers and possible clients.

I also hold a position in the private sector and have on a number of occasions invited clients in the public sector to networking functions, which included golf, cocktails or dinners parties.

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I am asking this because I once read of Williams being cleared of all charges relating to his suspension and returning to work.

Since everyone is making reference to his suspension, I feel the public is sometimes too judgmental even before the person appears before any body or institution.

Inga Jali, Lovemore Heights, Port Elizabeth

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