No answers given

I HAVE read a few of Roland Williams’s letters to the editor and his command of the English language absolutely astounds me. It is obvious he went to school before his beloved ANC crippled the education system.

Again, through his command of the wonderful English language, he tries to justify his actions and attempts to belittle Times Media and its staff. (Maybe his lawyer friend will write to the newspaper to assist him.)

But, as expected, he does not answer the question: is he or isn’t he being investigated by his peers for his golf trip?

Somebody should tell him to make his Facebook private, then nobody can pinch or use his beloved pictures.

By the way, I am not sure what fun you can have on a golf trip when you don’t play golf. Maybe the free double malt whisky was the main decider (note, I did not say single).

There is an old English saying, Roland Williams: there is no smoke without a fire.

Vernon Haley, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth

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