What of countries that discriminate?

THE outrage of those who disingenuously campaign to tar Israel with the apartheid brush is singularly selective.

In seeking to equate the policies of Israel with those of apartheid South Africa, they conveniently ignore the many other countries, whose battles they fight, which practice discriminatory laws in matters of religion and politics.

What is the difference in laws preventing people of different races from marrying, and those preventing people of different religions from marrying; or laws controlling where and how some people may worship and the Separate Amenities Bill of the old South Africa?

What of the many countries that have laws curtailing free political expression, as was done in South Africa of yore?

Are these countries not deserving of censure and isolation?

Those who seek to demonise Israel should remember Lord Beaconsfield’s famous aphorism; “The Lord deals with nations as the nations deal with the Jews”.

Derrick Fellows, Port Alfred

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