No justice for niece’s family

REGARDING the Pistorius trial, how fortunate the monied and famous in South Africa! I thought murder scene reconstructions only happened in television shows like Medical Detectives.

Seemingly justice applies only to the high flyers in the society, while others are treated with contempt. Mine happens to be one of the families who had their loved one murdered, without any justice by the South African law keepers.

The alleged murderer handed himself to the police after stabbing his girlfriend, who was my niece, to death and leaving an 18-month-old baby with the dead body. The perpetrator was held over the weekend in the holding cells and was released on a Monday – on free bail.

Months down the line detectives came to our house asking if we have any knowledge as to the whereabouts of the perpetrator, as their further investigations had confirmed that it was the second murder allegedly committed by the same person.

That was the end of the matter, which occurred in June 1995!

Grieved family member, Motherwell, Port Elizabeth

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