Room prioritises our love for Isla

LOVING PARENTS: Shahnaz and Roland Williams watch over Isla Rhayne. The family are upset by the response of readers to the article about the baby's room
LOVING PARENTS: Shahnaz and Roland Williams watch over Isla Rhayne. The family are upset by the response of readers to the article about the baby’s room

I WAS (initially) reluctant to write this letter, as it is against my better wisdom to respond to disingenuous correspondence. Nevertheless, my character — and my family’s — has been unfairly besmirched in your publication. Reluctantly as I may do so, I am forced to respond.

To the 10 or so persons who had their SMSs published in The Herald: you have absolutely no idea as to who I am, what I do or how I do it. Not that I owe you (or anyone else for that matter) an explanation, but I don’t play golf, I don’t drink single-malt whiskey, and I drive a 10-year-old car that’s in desperate need of a service. Like any household, we lament the end of the month whence expenses always seem to far exceed income.

Despite this, not a week goes by without me doing serious and sincere community work; not a single day goes by without me helping a family member, friend, colleague or even stranger.

And all these things I do without flashing cameras and publicity, and many a times with immense sacrifice to myself and my immediate family, but it is done from the heart and the intention is always to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

To the few of you who are obsessed with money and its material value: the reason that our baby Isla Rhayne’s room is as special as it is, is threefold: we had more than a year-and-a-half to prepare (please don’t ask me about this time period, as a tragedy befell us before God blessed us with precious Isla Rhayne), very smart buying on the part of my wife and I, and extraordinary gifts from generous family and friends.

Over and above all of that, the primary reason for Isla Rhayne’s room being as beautiful and unique as it is, is quite simply because of the absolute love, care and attention that was dedicated to it by my wife and I over a lengthy period.

I have waited more than half my life to be gifted with the blessing of my own child. I have therefore poured and continue to pour my heart into every aspect of her life, proudly and uncompromisingly.

Different people prioritise different things — while others may prioritise their cars, restaurants and trips, I have always prioritised my home and I always will.

The fact that you have chosen to premise your unwarranted insults on the room of an innocent 12-week-old baby is disgusting!

For the record, we were approached by The Herald (La Femme) after one of the reporters suggested this be featured in “My Favourite Room” column. Apprehensively yet proudly and excitedly we opened our doors to The Herald.

Today Isla Rhayne’s room is my favourite room; next year, after some renovations, lots of love, care and intricate attention to detail, my favourite room will (probably) be my study.

I will then not open my doors to this column or the media, as I again would be subjected to the narrow-minded meanness and judgmentalism of a few bigoted individuals.

If you want to make a positive and constructive difference, come join me, but spewing your rancid jealousies is not going to make a difference to my community work, nor to my pride and priority at home.

Roland Williams, Kragga Kamma

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