Creepy officials wait to pounce

IT IS with disgust that I read the metro ANC officials are trying to impose increased rates on the game parks (Kragga Kamma and Seaview).

Forcing them to close will severely impact on the almost non-existent economy in our metro. Are they scraping the barrel to fund their party celebrations or is it more sinister?

Valuable land and greedy developers ready to pounce? But what about severe job losses and the degradation of wildlife?

Let us remember that these parks got no help in road repair for flooding from the metro. They offer the tourist industry a huge input in supporting other businesses in town such as transport and accommodation. They put PE on the map and are known all over the world.

These disgusting policy makers have the eyes of the world on them. It amounts to greed and nothing else. Officials are after every rand they can find and plan to exploit every bit of opportunity to enrich themselves.

What about the animals who have had this as their only home for years? Should we put the lions in the soccer stadium and feed these greedy officials to them as the last round of applause after the party is over?

I think it a good idea.

“Metro and the Lion’s den”, Emerald Hill

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