Taxis not the issue

IT is not the taxi drivers who are at fault, but rather the developers and the metro’s planning department for not ensuring there are adequate “taxi stops”. The problem occurs not only at the Boardwalk, but at other developed establishmentslike Walmer Park, where they have invested millions in redevelopment, but no taxi facilities are provided.

Yes, developers, the people who use the taxis are your customers or workers. The taxis would not be stopping there if there was no demand.

Any well designed development where taxis are an important mode of transport, have the taxi facilities at the entrances (not a hundred metres down the road). Airports and hotels come to mind.

Look at the millions the council has spent on the IPTS and nothing has come of it. As good business practice, the Boardwalk should help Dean Biddulph and the metro find a solution.

Bernhard Wolf

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