Owner puts up brave fight for property

I WISH to share the following experience with your readers:

Recently, I visited Port Elizabeth, my hometown, to inspect my property in Bluewater Bay, which has been rented out through an agent since October last year. The tenants had paid one month’s rental, when they moved in, in late September last year.

No further rent had been paid to date, and I had appointed a lawyer to proceed with an application for an eviction order.

Upon my arrival in PE, I contacted the agent to arrange for the visit. I was however informed by the tenant, via the agent, that I would be allowed to enter my property once they decided to move out. I then arranged for assistance from the SAPS. Upon my arrival at the Swartkops SAPS, the members started arguing over whether I should be accompanied or not. I decided to excuse myself and went to the property.

I was followed by three members of the SAPS and as I arrived at the house, the tenant’s husband, who did not co-sign the rental agreement, sped into the driveway, as he had been alerted that I was there.

I was threatened and verbally abused by him in public, and he said that I would not enter “his” house.

The police sided with the tenant. I was warned by one of the police that I would not be protected by the SAPS if I entered the property. He said I should seek a high court interdict.

The electrician managed to enter the property and discovered that the electricity meter had been bypassed.

I reported this to the municipality. Municipal officials were prepared to have the tenant pay the R2000 fine, and let the matter rest. I refused, and asked that the meter be removed as I was convinced the tenant would continue this behaviour, ultimately at my cost.

Municipal officials were too scared to enter the property, and I was forced to have the electricity cord cut outside, at a cost of R3000.

The agent, I discovered a month after the tenant had moved in, was well- acquainted with the tenant and allowed the tenant move into the property without the relevant documentation.

After being refused entry into my property, I called the bank holding the bond, and reported the matter to the legal department. I received a copy of the title deed but still could not enter my property. The Estate Agency Affairs Board has not responded to my complaint about the agent’s conduct.

The Rental Housing Board never acknowledged my complaint forwarded in December last year.

I am back in Pretoria where I work, renting a property. The tenant is still in the property, and informed me that the Rental Housing Board is on their side and that I would never get them to leave the property. The matter continues.

Amanda Wolmarans, Bluewater Bay

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One thought on “Owner puts up brave fight for property

  • March 14, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    The right to stay for free at the owner’s expense. It’s a tough world out there. I’ve often bemoaned the fact that our maisonnette was sold early whereas if we had not done so, we could have let it out via an agent while overseas for a few years. By charging a fair rental, on return we could have bought a car with the proceeds and had a decent place to stay. Now back we have had to rent small places and do without transport. The scary thing in the light of this report is the outcome may also have been similar had we let it out!


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