Zuma brought booing on himself

THE recent booing of President Zuma incident in a match between Bafana Bafana and Brazil is an indication of people’s dissatisfaction with his leadership of the country.

While I agree with sentiments that suggest that it is wrong to express such discontent in platforms where there are guests and international visitors, it is also important to note the same ignominious tactics were used against former president Thabo Mbeki, in a well-engineered political campaign by Zuma and co.

Zuma supporters have used every trick and opportunistically used platforms where there were international dignitaries to embarrass Mbeki.

None of the alliance leaders including President Zuma had the courage to rebuke the ANC supporters belonging to the Zuma faction who were embarrassing Thabo Mbeki before those international dignitaries.

The reason for that was simple, they stood to benefit politically and it was convenient for them to be quiet.

It is President Zuma through his poor judgment and moral lapses that invites loathing from the South African public.

From the moralistic perspective, Zuma is not an exemplary personality to many young South Africans. He does not inspire confidence and show leadership to the country. In most instances he behaves so recklessly and does not care what other people are thinking of him.

Therefore it is not really surprising to see him being booed.

Mkhuseli Mtsila, Zwide

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