Get rid of ‘rot’ in PE

IF ONE were to list the areas of deterioration in our beloved city of Port Elizabeth compared to 20 years ago, it could be very lengthy as this would include moral deterioration as well.

I was thinking unpoliced noise pollution, especially up Target Kloof and in our streets was bad, but now I feel that has paled by comparison with our hard-earned and costly rates and taxes going into back pockets, funding ANC functions, hiring luxury cars and endless unnecessary eating functions.

Bhisho is not much better with political appointments like our useless mayor who should be on pension by now. Qualifications and education seem to be of little concern in this city.

Let’s think of our hospitals. With too few beds, inadequate bedding, a HUGE shortage of doctors and too few ambulances … yet our councillors have cars not being used while they hire luxury cars, totally unbelievable that this is permitted.

The unfixed Newton Park swimming pool right through the summer months.

The 10111 control room remains unequipped, and so the list just goes on and on.

PLEASE can we get rid of the spongers and their luxurious ideas and replace them with qualified, caring citizens who will save our city before it is too late. Maybe we could take this into consideration at election time in May.

Brenda Southey, Walmer

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