EFF characteristics evident in sports culture

SOUTH Africans are mostly members of the EFF, or as it is otherwise known the “Ever Fickle Fan ” club.

We all seem to have a continuation of the sense of entitlement that the politicians speak of – such as the entitlement to win every game we play.

We never seem to be able to admit that the other team was just better.

There is an old saying among the bowling fraternity, in that “no bowler bowls a bad wood on purpose”, and surely no one wearing the colours of his country, plays badly deliberately.

Our football teams are great when they win but when they fail, it’s all Igesund’s fault.

The poor man has a wonderful success record in coaching, but he suffers the vagaries of the system here in South Africa where, seemingly, club comes before country; where we have no development league despite the millions of rands that were to be allocated to this years ago. So both the PSL and Safa have a lot to answer for, and perhaps a few more heads should roll if Igesund’s is the first.

When we lose at rugby, it always seems to be due to dodgy refereeing decisions but when we win the referee never gets a mention. The cricketing fraternity are no less guilty when it comes to fickleness. When the Proteas win, the team is lauded but when they lose, it’s Smith’s fault.

I have, however, a suggestion for the Protea selection committee.

How about appointing ANC cadres as players? That way you will never get them out and think of all the rands… oops sorry… the runs that could be stolen.

It’s time we all stood up for our teams, win or lose. Bafana Bafana might not be the greatest team but they are our team.

Malcolm Dodds, Port Elizabeth

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