Parents should mourn in private

OSCAR Pistorius’s case reminds me of the incident that happened some time ago where a father was woken up by a noise, when someone tried to come into the bedroom, the door of which was closed. He shot through the door and killed his daughter, cause he thought it was a burglar, very much the same scenario as Oscar’s but there was no court case televised nor media interviews.

As for Reeva Steenkamp’s parents, I find them disgusting to make so much money from this incident. Besides this her parents wanting compensation from Oscar for her death is even more disgusting, so in other words Reeva’s life was worth just about how much money they can fork in.

So I wonder how much money she was worth after death for them. This is supposed to be parents mourning their daughter’s death.

Reeva’s parents must stop looking for attention, because you mourn your child’s death not in public but in private.

I had two sons who died within two years of each other, murdered but till today their cases are not solved but closed. I don’t walk around looking for other people to feel sorry for me.

Charmaine Weidemann, Port Elizabeth

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