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THE Herald front page lead story, “Council spurges on car rentals” (March 3), is yet another example of the low morals of the Mandela Bay Municipality and is a disgrace to Nelson Mandela’s memory. For years now your newspaper has been carrying hard facts of corruption and total disregard for ratepayers’ hard earned cash and the disgusting use thereof.

Now the deputy mayor sees fit to use ratepayers’ money to his own greedy ends of driving a deluxe Mercedes, while many of his countrymen are out of work and battling to find non-existent jobs, because there is no money to create these jobs nationwide. Is it not time, with your newspaper leading the way, to encourage hard pushed ratepayers to stop paying rates until such time that the use of ratepayers’ money is fully accounted for and spent in a manner that uplifts the city and not the greedy individuals?

If every ratepayer came to the party countrywide and stopped paying rates, things would soon be put to right. There is a need to spend the rates in the correct areas and not wasted on expensive cars.

Concerned ratepayer, Port Elizabeth

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One thought on “Take action on spending

  • March 10, 2014 at 10:50 am

    there is so much corruption in this country that we are drowing in it. we need to make the change by voting right. change the qouvernment and hopefully then the municipalities will then also be changed. these people that are defruaded and abusing the finaces need to be taken to task and put behind bars and forced to pay back the “stolen” money.we need to take controll of our country and our destiny. one vote can make the difference, be that vote. Dallas


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