Victim of road rage

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ON Tuesday I was unfortunate enough to be on the bad end of a road rage incident. At 4pm I was heading home after fetching my kids from school and going down Cape Road towards the western suburbs.

I was in the far right lane and doing the speed limit as there was a speed camera in the area. A white panel van came right behind me, nearly rear-ending me, the driver flashing his lights, hooting and waving fists at me.

I indicated to him in my rear view mirror that there was a trap to our left. He continued to flash lights, hoot and go crazy.

At the Kragga Kamma, Westering and N2 intersection, on the yellow line, with freeway traffic joining the already congested Cape Road, this man went over the yellow line and proceeded to squeeze me out of my lane and into the left lane. Thank goodness the car there slacked off for me.

The panel van driver then proceeded onto the N2 waving fists and shouting much better. Being a woman with my kids in the car, this was terrifying, to say the least.

My poor children were shaken up.

The vehicle was labelled “Zebra Pub & Grub”. I contacted the owner of the Zebra Pub and Grub, Rozelle van der Vyver, and the only response received was “OK”.

This is not acceptable. I am still outraged, disgusted and upset over this entire ordeal. Shocking.

Tracey Honey, Port Elizabeth


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