Mbambisa didn’t write report

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THE article, “Confusion over money owed” (February 26), refers to a report that is under the auspices of the municipal manager in the council agenda.

The article quotes the head of communications as saying this report was outdated while juxtaposing this with the attribution of the authorship of the report to the municipal manager.

The report in the council agenda was actually written by the communications office in December last year. All such reports are filed in the council agenda under the municipal manager’s section, as prescribed by council, but this does not necessarily mean that the municipal manager is the author of the report.

The head of communications was actually saying his own office’s report (that is filed in the council agenda) was outdated.

The article comes across as if the municipal manager and the head of the communications are contradicting one another.

Roland Williams, director: communications, NMMM

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