Own up to bad, ANC

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THE ANC always points to the successes of its own government since it took political power in 1994.

We often hear from the ANC leaders and ministers talking about how the ANC delivered a better life for all both in rural and urban areas.

They will always cite statistics on the delivery of water, houses, sanitation, education and health. Most often the credit is granted to the ANC-led government with little reference to the areas of failure of the same government. But the ANC-led government has failed to live up to the expectations of many people who are living in grinding poverty, unemployment and rising inequalities.

You often hear them saying, “a lot has changed since the ANC took over, but there is still a lot to be done,” as the mantra used to conceal the government failures.

The ANC demanded in the past that the former Nationalist Party regime be held liable for the actions of its police and defence force during the apartheid era.

Today, when the government, led by the ANC, acts in a barbaric manner against poor people in service delivery protests and the miners in Marikana, it is the fault of the police, not the ANC.

When good things are done by the government, the ANC demands the credit. It can’t be acceptable that the ANC is willing to claim only what is good, and disown bad things done by its own government.

Mkhuseli Mtsila, Zwide


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