Municipality must hold culprits to account

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I WANT to give clarity regarding my recent letters about the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality taxi scandal, ECDC’s R250000 and my solid attack on certain Eastern Cape municipalities and provincial government departments.

As a branch leader of the ANC and member of the ANC Youth League, I would like to reiterate my position and again repeat that I have no fears in this regard. In the Buffalo City Metro there was a council sitting on February 19 in which, with no compromise, we demanded a report in regard to this scandal.

If no report is tabled for the public explaining this mess, then a commission of inquiry must be appointed and the main culprits must be arrested.

We cannot as members of the ANC celebrate mediocrity.

We will never celebrate nonsensical governance at our expense.

Those responsible must come clean and municipal leadership must account even if it is not involved directly.

It is time, as ANC branches, to defend this democracy and show people that the ANC is indeed still relevant and is taking care of its people.

Heads of departments, chief directors and senior managers do not fear the ANC. They run these departments as it pleases them. Again, with no fear, we must jealously defend the ANC from these puppets and useless employees.

The reason they don’t care is that they want the ANC to fail. As we march towards elections, let’s ensure that we keep telling good stories.

The ANC is the only organisation that can address these unfortunate challenges orchestrated by selfish individuals.

I repeat that heads must roll in these municipalities and departments that keep undermining the ANC-led government.


ANC Member, East London


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