Stop the leaking in York Road, please

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DESPITE numerous reports to our NMBM water department and letters of complaint to our councillors, our woes continue in York Road, severely impacting our businesses and employees.

I have been reporting a leak in our main water line since January 26 this year. It has still not been attended to! Since the beginning of this year we have experienced about seven burst pipes and water outages. Keypak is a 24/7 operation requiring water for our manufacturing, process, fire safety, and employee health and wellbeing, including ablutions and drinking water with temperatures souring above 30°C.

The company employs approximately 385 people from our local community. It is increasingly difficult to run a business in the NMBM when our substantial taxes are not wisely spent supporting the responsible citizens and businesses that are contributing towards building our economy. Surely maintaining basic infrastructure should be number one on any metro’s budget?!

I sincerely hope action is taken.

Noelene Jorgensen


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