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THE statements reflected in the article (“De Villiers quits council,” February 6) by The Herald reporter cannot be left unchallenged.

Leon de Villiers is a person of the highest integrity and has at all times upheld the goals of the liberal democratic party, the DA, which he has led with distinction in this city.

He has probably led the most diverse caucus in the country successfully, in the process ensuring that leadership positions were filled by the broad spectrum of people in the caucus.

There exists no such issue in the caucus as resistance from any councillor to change and to adapt.

De Villiers wanted to retire three years ago, but was persuaded to stay on as leader.

At the time the caucus lost a lot of very experienced councilors such as the venerable Elizabeth Trent, Andre Goosen et al, and experienced leadership was an imperative.

For the reporter who wrote the article to quote selectively was very mischievous, and she cast an unnecessary and biased slant on the unblemished integrity of a respected leader of the DA.

I have personally spoken to several councilors who were contacted by her and who gave her totally different opinions to the ones she chose to publish, and were omitted from her article.

It is a great pity that a good and faithful servant of the metro has to receive this type of slanted reporting as a parting gift from the press.

Leon and his wife, Judy, deserve and have earned his retirement from public life after more than 20 years of service.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Councillor Chris Roberts, Ward 7, Nelson Mandela Bay Metro


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