Only have selves to blame after voting for ANC

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NOBODY has a problem listening to the “plight of the poor”. However, violence, the killing of innocent people, stoning of cars, destruction of property, the blocking of roads and burning of tyres are not acceptable.

You have absolutely no right whatsoever to inconvenience other citizens that are not part of your protest.

Britt Baatjies (“Protests an opportunity to listen to plight of poor”, February 11) seems to miss the point of Leigh Denny’s letter (“Take protest to City Hall”, February 4). If you have a service delivery problem, go to the ANC. The chances of finding any ANC members in Seaview is nil.

For those involved in “service delivery protests”, you only have yourselves to blame.

You and your friends voted for the ANC and you will probably continue to vote for the ANC.
Instead of violent and ugly protests, show your hands at the next election and vote for another party.

The sooner we are rid of corruption and nepotism in this metro, the more you will receive and the less you will have to protest about.

Vernon Haley, Summerstrand


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